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We offer REAL PROFESIONAL massage in jakarta with reliable masseus, who are competent in their fields. Truly trained masseur.

Outcall Massage Jakarta is one of the trained massage therapist organizations from all over Jakarta where the therapists here must have expertise in the fields of massage, from body massage, reflexology foot massage, face acupressure and so on. Also must have enough experience even at a young / adult age. And we continue to recruit experienced therapists who can be relied on for massage calls to our customers, both new customers and customers. And we always rotate periodically the working order of our therapists. If you like the therapist's on call massage service then you can ask back

Massage not only just a touch but the pressure at the right point of the body part that is intended to function the organs in the body in every second the preheating massage. After that you can use oil/cream massage that is good for the skin and body

What's a full body massage? What do they do in a full body massage?

Full body massage almost the same like java massage/tradisional massage. We call here popular for Tradisional massage.

One function of massage is to eliminate fatique. Good massage adequate rest. The right method massage can provide freshness, for you body. Massage good for your skin, body, muscular, and brain

Do massage release toxin?

Yes it is. That all toxin out from your urine and sweat.

Is it Massage easy ????? yes ...if only touch....

But real massage must be have good massage in technique, with a pressure and rythm in massage, and ifnt u experience must be learn and learn more.

Is a massage good for the body?

The answer is yes, If u take good massage. All good massage can make release all your tired and make it good all blood circulation around your body

What are the side effect a massage?

Good Relaxing Your Brain, Relaxing your muscle, Throw out all toxin, Release stress, etc...

Make It Happen now For Your Body, muscular, Face, Skin, Brain, will Fresh again & Healthy

What a benefit Outcall massage ?

For your healthy body, healthy muscular, health circulation blood.

Health body can do manything activity & work.

That must be for relax.

The massage did look trivial, but the mistake at the massage point had an impact on the body being massaged, other things if you just stroke it.

Why does a massage feel good ?

It seems u in right person in massage and really know about methode technique in massage.

A good massage can be done with one of the first steps with the muscle massaging movement of the foot by looking for certain points. The same like you want swim better if you do muscle massaging with basic gymnastics.

What mean outcall massage ?

Outcall massage mean Masseus come to your place for residence, apartment, and hotel near jakarta

We Provide Outcall massage in jakarta for service around location near in jakarta for hotel,apartment,residence in east jakarta, central jakarta, south jakarta, west jakarta, north jakarta.